Sunday, February 7, 2010

17 Weeks Pregnant

It's been forever since I posted...

We switched dr's in October, did our 3rd IVF transfer (2nd egg retrieval), and I am now 17 weeks pregnant!!! God is so great, and we are so grateful for this blessing!

I see my OB this Tuesday AM. I have to do the 1-hour glucose test....not looking forward to that. I actually have to take it twice...this is actually early to be taking it, but since I was on Metformin (not for insulin reasons, for fertility purposes) they wanted to check my sugars. I stopped taking it at 14 weeks, so they're just checking how my body's reacting without the drug. THEN, I make my next appt, which will be 20 weeks, and we will FINALLY have our ultrasound. I cannot wait to find out if Baby Seidelmann is a boy or a girl!! :)

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