Sunday, June 7, 2009

IVF #2

So...we've decided we are finally ready to try IVF again. I feel good about this is what will work for us finally. My husband, who has been of course wanting this soo badly, has often been angry at God or just bitter in general, is now amazing me with his faith that this will work. He has made me feel like this is it for us. So, it looks like mid-August will be our transfer. I have testing this Tuesday, and then we'll start Lupron injections mid-July, and find out if we're pregnant the end of August.

August 25th is always a tough day for's the day that my dad died. But maybe on that day,we'll be given a gift from my dad...a baby...or two! I don't know why, but I keep envisioning twins...a boy and a girl. Of course, when you've been trying a long time (4 1/2 years for us) you already have names picked out!

God, please, help us make decisions in this tough time. Better still, You make the decision. If you want us to transfer 3, then let that be how many embryos survive the thawing. We want this to be in Your time, and hope that this IS Your time now. It's truly all I want for my 30th birthday...(in January), to have my baby in my belly and to finally be a mother that year. It'll definitely make turning 30 a lot easier!!! Amen.